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In January of 2020, after spending an evening at my friend Emeline's atelier for Elastique Athletics discussing integrative medicine and health and wellness, I felt inspired to put together a conference just for women where we could discuss various topics and have workshops for women relating to health & wellness. Along with my friend Heather, of Hola Bloom, the idea was born. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 rampaged the entire world, and our plans for a May 2020 conference has now been put on hold. However, I started a podcast for WISH Well, and have had so much fun dropping weekly episodes on Thursdays where I get the opportunity to interview so many inspiring women all throughout the nation.

The podcast is available on the following platforms with links to show notes on the WISH Well Blog





I'm also updating the WISH Well Instagram. Stay tuned and we hope to be able to put on the conference this year!

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