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Keep Moving

It's been a while since I've written on here & so much has happened within this last year. The last few months have been challenging personally for me with a lot of changes, but I finally feel like I am coming up for air. So much of what we see on social media is just what the poster wants us to see - there is so much that goes on in the background that no one sees, so it's easy to get caught up in the illusion that other people's lives are so perfect when imperfection is a part of reality.


That being said, I am here and I am working on being present for not only myself but my family. What the pandemic is teaching me is that there is no better time like today to focus on what's important. So I wanted to re-introduce myself and to give you all an update.


I am a board certified anesthesiologist and interventional pain management physician. I worked really hard to earn those titles and especially those board certifications! I am integrative medicine fellowship trained through @awcimaz with Dr. Andrew Weil and believe in integrative medicine as a tool to help reduce chronic pain and help people lead higher quality lives. I am RYT-200 yoga certified and incorporate yoga into my personal practice (and can always use more yoga in my life). I am @lagreefitness Lagree certified Level 1 trainer @fyrefitlagree. Fitness hasn't always been a part of my life, but now I cannot imagine my life without moving my body in some way.


I am a certified health coach, and in the process of completing an integrated structural acupuncture course this summer. I run a Fit Female Physicians group on FB and post our features on Instagram @fitfemalephysicians. I also host a weekly podcast on all topics related to women's health and wellness called the Women's Integrative Summit on Health and Wellness (WISH Well)


For the first time since I have been in practice for nearly a decade, I took a break from clinical medicine without having a plan. It was so wonderful to be able to be at home with my family and not have to change out of my pajamas. And after 3 great months, I am starting my own hospital-based practice part time and continuing to do ALL the things I love


I try to practice mindfulness daily, although some days are harder than others. Cooking is meditative for me, and I love creating vibrant healthy and delicious food for my family. People have asked me how or why I do all of these things and it is because reaching people and sharing my passions gives me purpose. If I can leave you with my motto it would be to "keep moving" - mentally/emotionally and physically.


Drop a comment to say hello back - let me know how you're moving these days. If you're a female physician connect with me here and on FB and join our group, and if you are a podcast junkie like me, take a listen to my podcast! Human connection is so important these days, and I'm grateful for technology for giving us the ability to connect with one another on a deeper level.

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