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My Fitness Journey

Oh it's been such a crazy blur that I've not been good about updating my

website and my blog. I promise that many BIG and EXCITING things are coming in the next few months and I will dedicate myself to putting in the time and effort to making more regular updates.

I wanted to share my fitness journey story, but with a caveat: that this is a process. I am about enjoying the process and the ups and downs of this journey.

As I have alluded to in my podcast ( and in various writings and posts, exercising was never an important part of my life. Importance was always placed on studying hard, because that was what would provide me with success in life, not exercising. I like to think of exercising as one part of "fitness". Fitness is the state of health and well-being. With a family history significant for heart disease and diabetes, I had accepted the fact that one day I would probably have to take medications. Lifestyle changes and fitness were not at the forefront. After I had my son over 11 years ago, I struggled to lose weight. I was tired, overweight, and had poor sleep. I had to start blood pressure medications, the first of which caused me to have a very low potassium level.

My fitness journey started with me not wanting to be on a lifetime of medications. I started with small manageable goals. I took a 6 week bootcamp class first. I began taking yoga classes and pole aerial classes. Short runs on a treadmill, then short runs outside. I paid more attention to the food that I ate. I cooked more. I learned to love cooking and creating things in the kitchen. I explored different flavors in the kitchen. I bought cookbooks. I enlisted friends to join me in working out.

To me, fitness is much more than just the act of exercising. It's paying attention to things that enrich your body. It's how you move your body (whether it be from a high intensity workout, yoga, pilates, tai-chi, walking or running). It's how you feed your body. It's how you give your body rest. It's the way that you get moving physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I've learned to be okay with where I am and to listen to my body rather than push myself and feel discouraged or potentially injure myself. The hardest part is knowing what your body needs. But that's why fitness is a journey and not an end point.

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