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Launching the WISH Well Podcast

I'm starting a podcast!!

My very first episode is dropping on THURSDAY! This is definitely a labor of love. Last month I had the idea of starting a women’s health and wellness conference and along with a few friends and colleagues (Dr. Heather Colmenter and Emeline Stout with Elastique Atheltics) the idea was set into motion. Somehow along the way, I decided to start a PODCAST. Ok, first. I have never put together a conference. Second, I have never started a podcast. Stepping way outside my comfort zone and into this world has been so exciting but also imposter syndrome is rearing its ugly head. It is stepping out of my comfort zone and into vulnerability that is the scariest part, as I will be sharing my journey with the public. But I’m also so excited to be talking with some inspirational women in the next few weeks/months and I hope you all subscribe and listen. The podcast is the WISH Well Podcast and is available on all the platforms (some are still pending but should be available soon). Link to the podcast in bio or (on Spotify

I’m dropping my first episode on Thursday, and I JUST finished recording with Heather for hers next week. I’ll be posting show notes on the blog for WISH Well and I absolutely cannot wait to continue sharing stores from some amazing and inspirational women!

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